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Our Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and believe that your data is yours and you should have the right to know what we do with it. Below you can understand how we store and process your data, please read carefully.

Collected Data

Wix Website

Our website was built using the platform, and therefore we are subject to standard platform data collection. Wix sites collect cookies to make the user experience better and more secure.

For more information on Wix cookies, see

Contact Form

n our website there are ways to contact us, and therefore, the data entered in the forms are used so that we can answer your questions only.

Email, name and message are mandatory for us to contact you to respond your request. Telephone and subject are optional and serve the same purpose. If the visitor thinks he/she prefers to be contacted by phone, the number entered in this field will be used only for contact purposes regarding the question posed in the message. Date and time data for sending the message are also collected, and are used only to control the response time.

Viibe Registration Form

On the Viibe app page, we offer the opportunity for visitors to register to receive news about the product launch. The subscription is optional and only requires the insertion of email and country. These data serve the following purpose:

  • Validation of the product idea traction, by analyzing the number of different people who express interest in the application;

  • Analysis of the countries that have more distinct people interested in order to be able to direct our expansion and launch strategy to them;

  • Sending news regarding the launch of the application. Email marketing campaigns will not be sent for purposes other than disclosing product launch dates, features, digital stores offering the product and new geographic locations that have become available;

  • Sending information that is relevant to the security and privacy of registered people.


Data Storage

Form Submissions

All data collected from submissions of Wix forms are stored in the platform database for the website.

This database is hosted on platform servers. For more information on where they are stored, see

Wix Cookies

To find out how the platform stores cookie data, please see .

Information and Data Removal Requests

If you want, you can request the information we store and also ask us to delete all data. For this, we request that you send an email to with the following email subjects:

  • GDPR - Delete: this way, in a few days we will remove all data stored about you;

  • GDPR - Information: this way you will receive the data we have stored about you in a few days.


In the body of the email we ask you to send a photo of a document so that we can validate your identity. This gives our users more security, preventing unknown people from obtaining information that does not belong to them. These files will be deleted as soon as we process your order.

If the registered email is different from the email from which you sent the request, we ask that you also send the email or phone number that was registered on our website so that we can search for the correct data.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change these privacy policies at any time, so we encourage you to consult them frequently. The changes take effect immediately after publication, but you will be notified of the changes by email if this occurs.

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